Maintenance And Repair

Maintenance And Repair Needed?

Do you require Maintenance and repair, here is what we can offer you:

  • Your air vents don’t blow cold air

  • Your shower pressure is practically nonexistent

  • Your radiators don’t heat up fully

There’s no reason to have to deal with these things. Not when you could be spending winters cosying up by the radiator with your loved ones.

Not when you could be spending the summer chilling on the couch in your cooled living room.

Not when you can be enjoying a noise-free night’s sleep every night.

Not when you can enjoy refreshing hot showers without sudden cold water bursts.

You could enjoy all of those things again. Not for a week. Not for a month. But for years.

And when your repairs and maintenance are done right, you WILL enjoy those things again. Not for a week. Not for a month. But for years. Without the costly emergency callouts.

What’s a job done right?

To some, it might mean a quick fixup. But to us, it means it means much more.

To us, it means checking every possible solution to your shower problem, from the taps to your boiler. And, if it’s well past retirement age, helping you choose the best replacement.

To us, it means ensuring that your radiators are clean, with enough hot water circulating freely.

To us, it means checking filters, refrigeration and other parts of your AC for problems. Entirely, without missing a single speck.

To us, it means giving you a comprehensive report with all the options you need to make fully informed choices. Yes, it means putting you in control, so your choices are best for YOUR needs- not our back pockets.

To us it means doing all the work within the given timeframe without mess or fuss.

To us, it means working with a simple modus operandi: Go in, get the job done as it should be, get out, and leave you alone to live your life. Then, see you in a year for a quick maintenance check.

That, to us, is a job to be proud of. And that is the job we’re here to give you.

Maintenance And Repair

Maintenance And Repair Wanted?

We can help you with the following maintenance or repair:

  • Air conditioning units

  • Boilers

  • Hot water tanks

  • Mains boosting system

  • Heating pumps

  • Maintenance & service valves in the property

Let’s get your repairs taken care of so you can get comfy again- for longer this time!

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