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About Us : Think of your homes as you would your body. You need all systems to work efficiently, flow easily and with ease in order to prevent problems occurring. In order for your home to run smoothly you need to maintain the core components that keep it going. That’s why Snug & Chill offer the complete package for your Plumbing, Heating and Cooling needs.

Snug & Chill is about us being proud of our problem solving for our customers, all jobs whether big or small can be diagnosed by our qualified engineers, and the best solution given to you, with options. We give the highest quality of service so that you will not need to keep calling us back. We offer a one-year guarantee on all our works.

We offer many services from full plumbing services, boiler installation, bathroom refurbishments, drainage issues, all general plumbing concerns, gas safety certification and of course air conditioning installation and maintenance. Please click on the tabs for more information on each of our services.

Do we offer emergency call outs? Our goal is to help you avoid emergencies from day one and with our care, qualified engineers and attention to detail we hope you can avoid an emergency situation. (see our rates list for when we do cover emergencies).

Snug & Chill has run his own successful plumbing & heating business for over fifteen years. He prides himself in getting to the heart of people’s maintenance problems. He is a problem-solver, and is at his happiest finding issues and tackling them head-on. He has now expanded his business to air conditioning installations and maintenance so that he can provide a one stop shop for his customers.

Levi is far more than just a plumbing engineer, he devotes his spare time as a volunteer paramedic for Hatzolah, a local ambulance charity. When not with customers or family, he uses his spare time on call to support the lives of his local community & their health.

At the heart of all he does lies one passion: to bring value to the people with whom he interacts with whether it is in business or as a volunteer within his community.

Whether rescuing people or pipes, Levi has a genuine desire to help others.

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About Us: Latest handyman news

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    Are you tired of constantly fiddling with your thermostat, trying to strike the perfect balance between comfort and cost savings? Look no further than the revolutionary NEST Thermostat, proudly offered by Snug & Chill. As your home comfort experts, we're excited to share why NEST Thermostats are the ultimate solution for achieving a cosy, energy-efficient

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    Welcome back from your vacation! We hope you had a fantastic time away. Now that you're back, it's essential to take a few moments to ensure everything at home is in order. Here are 10 Things To Consider After Returning From Vacation: Inspect Plumbing and Fixtures: Check for any leaks, clogs, or unusual water usage.

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    Having an outside tap available in your home can bring numerous benefits, not only for your garden but also for the front of your property. It offers convenience, practicality, and the opportunity to maximise the potential of your outdoor space. Additionally, with the option of installing hot taps by professional plumbers like us