Air Conditioning
  • Is your air conditioning unit drip drip dripping?

  • Have you found that the cooling component isn’t cool enough?

  • Have you switched on your air conditioning to find it is pumping out a hideous smell?

  • Is your air con creating more than white-noise and is driving you mad?

  • Have you found your air conditioning controls are controlling you more than you can control them?

We used to think that an air conditioning unit was a luxury but research shows that approximately 213, 000 units were sold in 2021 which was the highest in a decade.

That suggests to us that AC units have become much more mainstream. We are noticing that our summers are heating up more and more and we are finding that fans just don’t cut it. We wouldn’t do without AC in our car, so why do without it in our homes?

Snug & Chill are accredited installers for both Mitsubishi and Daikin. Our business pre summer has been focused on getting units installed and maintained ready for the summer months. That is why we can say we offer a complete approach to all your heating and cooling needs.

Installation of a unit must be carried out by a qualified engineer, but what Snug & Chill emphasises is the maintenance of these units, to avoid problems when you turn them on after months of no usage. Not dissimilar to your boiler, we recommend an annual service to keep your units maintained, safe & efficient.

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Air Conditioning Services:

  • Installation of Air source heat pump system

  • Cooling system installation

  • Ventilation system installation

  • Fault finding and repairs

  • Maintenance

  • Servicing

  • Regassing

  • VRV system installation

  • VRF system installation

  • Single split unit installation

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Air Conditioning