drainage services edgware
  • Do you require Drainage Service?

  • External drains not flowing adequately

  • Water overflowing from drains

  • Smelly drainage pipes due to an unwanted object or worse (a rodent!)

  • Extreme Weather issues causing havoc with your internal and external pipe-works?

  • Have you noticed roots growing out of drains?

  • Poorly installed drainage pipes?

If you think of drainage in terms of your body, it’s as if there would be an issue with your waterworks, your heart, your elimination of fluids etc.  Once we’ve discovered something is wrong, often we wonder if it is too late to heal.

Luckily, our houses are quite robust and with the right diagnosis, the right management and the correct aftercare, Snug & Chill can help fix drainage issues and keep your home systems functioning smoothly.

Sometimes with even all the care in the world objects can find their way into places they don’t belong, as soon as you see there is a foreign object it must be removed by a professional as soon as possible otherwise you risk attracting pests you do not want to have hanging around.

drain services edgware

Seasonal Drainage checks are important, after autumn when the leaves may have clogged up external guttering or pipework you run the risk of flooding or overflows. We can help you with these sorts of issues.

Do you find that your drains are blocking frequently, you might need them check for gradient issues, maybe they’ve collapsed, or even corroded.

Drainage services:

  • Blocked toilet

  • Blocked sink

  • Blocked bath

  • Blocked shower

  • Blocked waste disposal

  • Blocked drains

  • Blocked gullies

  • Camera inspection

  • Collapse repair

  • Grease build up

  • Drain Rat traps

  • Rust removal

  • Gutter clearing

  • Channel drains

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