• Air Conditioning
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    Yup, summer’s gone. You can feel that cooler nip in the air. The nights are getting shorter. Winter’s almost back, and it’s farewell to the air conditioning for a few months. Not so fast, though. While your air conditioning isn’t being used, there’s a lot that can happen to it. And if you’re not

  • bleeding your radiator
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    Sounds painful, right? But it’s actually not that hard. Anyone can do it with the right tools- regardless of your level of DIY knowledge. And we’re ready to help you do it on your own. Why should I bleed my radiators? Ever felt that your radiator is not doing what it should

  • what size boiler to buy
    480 words2.4 min read

    So, you’ve chosen the right type of boiler for your property. But that’s the first stage. The next one is to think about the size of your boiler. We don’t mean the physical dimensions of a boiler. We mean its energy output given of with the boiler’s heat, measured in kilowatts (kw).

  • what type of boiler should i buy
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    There’s nothing easy about choosing a new boiler. Get it wrong, and you will have high bills or water flow problems. But get it right, and you can keep warm without wasting money. At every stage, due diligence is needed. We’ve put together some questions to help you make the right choices at

  • get your central heating ready for winter
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    It might be hard to imagine, with a summer as warm as ours was. But we aren’t that far off from a different sort of temperature. As the days get colder and shorter, you don’t want to get caught out without heating, at least some of the time. And with energy bills being